Space Import Export S.r.l. is a specialist distributor of life science research products, providing our customers with the latest innovations and offer a wide range of antibodies, proteins, Elisa kits, reagents and in vitro diagnostics products. Space I.E. are continuously looking to source high quality products, services and instruments for our customers in the area of Cell Biology, Flow Cytometry, Immunology, Histology, Neuroscience and Cancer Research.


R&D systems New Luminex Assay Design & Ordering Tool. The easiest way to order the most analytes available. Customize your kit

R&D systems Interactive Pathways & Processes: This section of our website allows you to explore intracellular signaling pathways and biological processes in a new interactive format.

Tocris ‚interactive signal transduction pathways: Our new interactive pathways give an overview of some major signal transduction processes, click on the individual proteins and receptors to locate key research tools and view the range of products Tocris has to offer.

Boston Biochem: the Ubiquitin specialist company is now part of R&D.

Cytomark with TransFix Space Import Export is now the Italian distributor of Cytomark with TransFix the Cellular Antigen Stabilisation Reagent.

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