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Flow Cytometry

R&D Systems Antibodies and Kits

Flow cytometry facilitates quantitative, multiparameter analysis of cell populations based on the expression of cell surface and/or intracellular molecules. R&D Systems offers a wide range of biotin-, fluorescein-, phycoerythrin-, PerCP-, AlexaFluor® 488-, or allophycocyanin-conjugated monoclonal antibodies specifically designed to monitor protein expression by flow cytometry. Also available are Fluorokine® kits; labeled cytokines that can be used to monitor the presence of cytokine receptors.

AlexaFluor is a registered trademark of Life Technologies.

Flow Cytometry & Cell Selection/Detection

R&D Systems offers a choice of products for cell selection including our cell enrichment columns that use affinity negative selection and MagCellect‚Ñ¢ Cell Selection kits and PlusCellect‚Ñ¢ Cell Selection kits that utilize ferrofluids (magnetic particles) for magnetic separation. Our cell detection tools include flow cytometry kits for the assessment of receptor density and multi-color kits which can simultaneously measure up to four different target molecules.

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Monoclonal Antibodies :


Double combinations

Triple combinations

Isotypic controls

Kits for DNA studies

Cycloscope‚Ñ¢ MM (Multiple Myeloma)

Cycloscope‚Ñ¢ B-ALL

Cycloscope‚Ñ¢ B-NHL

Cycloscope‚Ñ¢ SBC

Absolute Counts

Perfect-Count Microspheres‚Ñ¢

LeucoFinder‚Ñ¢ for rWBC

Lymphocytosis studies

Lymphogram ® (3 colors)

Lymphoclonal‚Ñ¢ (4 colors)

Lisis Solutions

Dendritic Cells Exclusion kit

PNH Screening Kit

Multiple Myeloma Reagents



Cycloscope‚Ñ¢ MM (Multiple Myeloma)

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InfinicytTM: Flow Cytometry Software

InfinicytTM is a Flow Cytometry Software that provides a revolutionary approach for data integration and multidimensional analysis of flow cytometry data. Its innovative features make the analysis and interpretation of the results easier, faster and more accurate.

In our commitment to the innovation and development of flow cytometry, Cytognos presents InfinicytTM, state-of-the-art software for data integration and multidimensional analysis of flow cytometry files.

This software opens a wide range of possibilities, as it can generate files with a great number of parameters from a single sample.


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