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IntelliPATH FLX, the world’s first fully open, random access immunohistochemistry staining instrument.
The intelliPATH FLX features STAT capability with priority processing, rapid four step multi-staining, andon-board preparation
of chromogens and reagents.
It provides clinical and research histology labs with the most automated open platform available.
Automated Slide Stainer
The intelligent solution for STAT and batch workflows
• Continuous random access
• Simultaneous processing of up to five distinct runs
• Prioritized STAT processing
Optimized Productivity and Ease of Use
• Positive ID of slides and Biocare reagents
• Onboard mixing of chromogens and enzymes with dual cold spots for labile components
• Pre-optimized protocols
• Optimized for rapid four step multi-staining, reducing workload and cost by 50%
• Intuitive software displays slide status and case
• Easy worklist setupFlexibility
• Fully open system
• User defined protocols may be created
• Dual buffer inlets allow processing of protocols requiring individualized buffers
Optimized Throughput
• “No touch” ultrasound liquid level sensing eliminates time consuming probe washing
• Large reagent syringe (5 ml) allows for higher dispense throughput
• Unique simultaneous X, Y and Z (azimuthal) movement decreases dispense time by > 10%


Deckloacking Chamber NxGen™

The Decloaking Chamber NxGen™ has been designed for heat-induced epitope retrieval (HIER) and ease of use. It has 5 different
temperature settings ranging between 60ºC and 110ºC with user programmable times. The 110ºC heat-induced epitope retrieval
protocol can be completed from start to finish in under an hour. With a 72 total slide capacity and only minutes of hands-on time per
run, the NxGen offers a walk-away capability similar to fully automated staining instruments.
The Decloaking Chamber NxGen transfers run data to a USB drive for export to a user’s computer. The run data recorded includes the
date and time per run with temperature and pressure readings throughout. With the Decloaking Chamber NxGen retaining the settings
from the last run, a quick start of the same protocol is possible.
The Decloaking Chamber is an excellent tool for HIER. The proper use of heat and pressure in conjunction with the appropriate retrieval
solutions is of the utmost importance for consistent immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining. The Decloaking Chamber is designed
to optimize and standardize antibody staining procedures and has been engineered to pass strict laboratory safety requirements.
Temperature, pressure and time can be monitored and recorded with the Decloaking Chamber to produce consistent staining.


BriCyte E6

A Bright Cytometer, Easy to Use, with Ultimate Generation FlowCytometry technology
From now on a more compact, intelligent, higher performance, simpler and, most importantly, more accessible flow cytometer is on the market.
Technology is fully CE/IVD certified
Convenient voltage adjusting, Automatic compensating, Automatic gating, analysing & reporting
The microfluidic detector is an advanced technology for BriCyte E6. With the microfluidic detector, BriCyte E6 can count the absolute number of cells for every sample without extra beads that reduce costs
From 4 to 6 colours, 2 solid lasers (Blue & Red)
AutoLoader up to 80 tubes per run and all information, including sample results as well as patient information, could be transmitted bi-directionally between BriCyte E6 and Laboratory’s LIS
Fluorescence sensitivity – PE≤50 MESF, FITC ≤100 MESF
Scatter resolution – FSC≤1.0μm, SSC≤0.2 μm
Maximum acquisition rate – 16,000 events per second



Simple, Robust, Money saving Plate Reader
MR-96A is the last generation plate reader from Mindray.
Fully automatic Bi-chromatic optics system
Wavelenght  400 – 700 nm with filters 405/450/492/630 nm
Touch screen 7,8” large color LCD display
Can perform 12 different tests in one plate
Variable time and speed shaking modes



Simple, Robust, Money saving Plate Washer
MW-12A is the last generation plate washer from Mindray.
Compatible with Flat, U o V bottom plates
2 wash modes for 8 and 12 well strips
Automatic bottom detection and collision protection
Variable shaking and soaking time (50 up to 3.000 uL)
Up to 100 different user-defined protocols
Sweep function with aspiration
On board automatic self-diagnostic program
Automatic liquid monitoring system



A simple, affordable, and compact solution for multiplexing
MAGPIX® is the simplest, most affordable, and most compact of Luminex’s xMAP® instruments. This compact multiplexing unit performs up to 50 different tests in a single reaction volume and reads a 96-well-plate in just 60 minutes.
MAGPIX features self-cleaning routines and magnetic bead compatibility (with MagPlex® beads), making the instrument easy to learn and easy to use. MAGPIX can be ordered with a laptop PC instead of a desktop PC.
MAGPIX is supported by a broad menu of parameters developed by R&D Systems kits.