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Cell Selection KITS

Space Import Export offers complete kits for selection and detection. …continue…

Clinical Diagnostic Reagents CE/IVD

A wide selection of antibodies, multi-color kits and screening tubes for simultaneously measuring
the expression of up to four different molecules
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Single & Multicolour Antibodies RUO/ASR

Within the Multicolour Product Line, Space offers screening tubes, single and multicolour
antibodies with recommended combinations.

Veterinary Antibodies

Our range offers primary antibodies, secondary antibodies and reagents for
research including recombinant and native proteins for flow cytometry

Data Analysis Software

InfinicytTM provides a revolutionary approach for data integration and
multidimensional analysis of flow cytometry data. Its innovative features make
the analysis and interpretation of the results easier, faster and more accurate
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Calibration Beads

The SPHERO‚ Calibration Particles are designed for routine calibration of flow cytometers.
By using these particles, the sensitivity and linearity of the system can be determined