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IHC tools

Antibodies for IHC CE/IVD – RUO

Space Import Export antibodies are optimized for immunoistochemical procedures for use on
formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedde (FFPE tissues.They are formulated to provide maximum sensivity
while concurrently minimizing the amount of background staining.

Multiplex IHC

Multiplex IHC products are designed to solve critical clinical problems. These may include to use of a single
single or cocktailed antibodies
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Optimization Systems

The suggested antibody optimization systems maximizes stability and optimized diluitions for concentrated
antibodies. Diluents also help to achieve the best signal-to-noise ratio.


Biocare’s Promark micro-polymer detection, in combination with the innovative heat retrieval and blocking
reagents, provides unparalleled staining quality. Specifically for use with primary antibodies of various sources
on a range of tissues (mouse, rat, rabbit and goat).


Intellipath is specifically designed with the Anatomic Pathology laboratory in mind and it offers: continuous
random access, on-board chromogen mixing, flexibility, productivity & easy to use, STAT processing, optimized
throughput, workflow advantages, connectivity & data menagment.