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Space Import-Export offers a wide variety of complete ELISA kits that have been exhaustively tested for
superior quality and reproducibility. They are available in a range of formats including colorimetric, fluorescence,
and chemiluminescence-based kits for measuring intracellular and extracellular proteins. …continue…

ELISA Development Reagents

DuoSet ELISA Development Kits contain the basic components required to develop an immunoassay.
They offer an economical alternative to buying separate antibodies and proteins. …continue…


Multiplex Assays are highly efficient tools for measuring the levels of multiple proteins in a single sample.
R&D Systems provides several different assay formats for multi-analyte analysis, offering the flexibility
to match your research needs. …continue…



R&D Systems offers 96-well microplates spotted with up to 16 antibodies per well for simultaneous detection
of multiple analytes. Our microplate-based multiplex kits employ microarray technology to provide an accurate,
efficient, and economical alternative to conducting multiple traditional ELISA experiments. …continue…


R&D Systems Proteome Profiler‚ Antibody Arrays offer a convenient way to measure multiple proteins in a single sample. These arrays require no specialized equipment and eliminate the need for multiple immunoprecipitation/Western blot experiments. …continue...


Our customized Luminex™Assay service and Microplate-based Multiplex assay service is available for the
simultaneous detection of multiple analytes.
Customers can create its highly efficient multiplex assays trough the selection of up to 100 analytes.